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EmuLynx needs your help.

EmuLynx runs on contributions from others such as yourselves. But a great website does not run on cash alone. There are many ways you can help out on this site.

  • Monetary payments are gratefully accepted (all currencies), although presently not important. Remember, emulating your favourite classic games is about nostalgia, fun, etc, not making money! Any payments accepted are used to improve the services of this website. NO profits are, or will be made from this website. 
  • Submitting links to your favourite emulation related sites, and checking the validity of sites already listed.
  • Reviewing links. We currently need people with good writing skills to review links as they are submitted, as well as review links already listed. If you are interested, please email Falkor.
  • Graphic design. While we keep the loading times of our pages down to a minimum, there are instances where images will be required on the site. If you have good graphic design skills and would like to help, please contact Falkor.


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