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(Falkor answers your most Frequently Asked Questions.)

If you have a question not addressed in the FAQ, e-mail the EmuLynx webmaster at 

There is really only one "frequently asked question" that I get in my e-mail every week:

"I submitted my site, why haven't you linked it?"

Here are some possible answers to that question:

  • Your site may violate one or more of our Terms of Service (TOS) guidelines, which are discussed in full on the requirements page.  
  • Your site is nothing but an "e-mail me ROMs" site. 
  • Your site could not be accessed when I was updating EmuLynx.  I verify the content of all links submitted.  If the server hosting your site was down while I was updating, or I get any sort of server error message, your site will not be linked.  You will need to verify that the link you submitted is valid and resubmit it.
  • If your page is just a "Coming Soon" announcement, I will not link it.  Resubmit your URL when you have uploaded content to your page.
  • Your site is so full of graphics that it takes forever to load.  If the main index page of your site has not at least partially loaded within 60 seconds, I won't link the site.  I have to evaluate, on average, 40 to 50 sites a week.  I don't have time to wait on a site that takes minutes to load because of poor design.
  • Your site cannot reasonably be considered an emulation website or a website that would be of interest to the broader emulation community.   

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