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(Listing Requirements)

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To submit a site to EmuLynx for review and consideration, use the submit form. If, in the sole judgment of Falkor's Den, a submitted site does not comply with all of the requirements listed below, it will not be added to EmuLynx.  Sites added to EmuLynx that are later altered in a way to violate these requirements will be removed.

All sites must be of potential interest to a broad segment of the emulation community. No illegal content is permitted, although ROM image files may be included. Sites that include ROM image files will be linked through a special disclaimer page.

All public web sites should be technically designed to be accessible to a broad spectrum of visitors, and this applies to sites linked on EmuLynx. Sites should be fully accessible using Netscape 3.x and Internet Explorer 3.x. Sites with features that require innovative use of specialized web page coding, such as DHTML, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be appropriately annotated if included.

New chat sites and message boards pose a problem to EmuLynx. Many of these new sites are heavily used by individuals to trade pictures and attempt contact with minors. Because Falkor's Den is unable to monitor new boards to determine their safety at present, we will not normally link to these sites. If a mechanism to monitor new boards adequately can be devised in the future, this restriction will be removed.

Sites incorporating a membership registration area will not be linked from EmuLynx.  It does not matter whether the membership registration is free or fee-based.  Likewise, "mailing lists" which are submitted as a "mailto" link will not be linked from EmuLynx.  To be linked on EmuLynx a mailing list must be hosted from a web page which has the sign up procedures detailed on that web page.

Sites which actively solicit materials from minors (such as photos or other identifying personal information) will not be linked from EmuLynx.

Web ring-type sites will not be linked from EmuLynx.  The privacy policies of many of the web ring hosting services could present substantial risks to visitors of emulation websites.

In order to be included on EmuLynx, sites must be available at all times around the clock (allowing for occasional technical outages). Sites that are only online for a limited number of hours each day will generally not be included.

These requirements may be modified by Falkor's Den without advance notice. For a more specific discussion of listing guidelines, visit the FAQ page.

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Entire contents of EmuLynx is Copyright 1999, 2000 by Falkor's Den.
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