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Welcome to EmuLynx. The Internet's most comprehensive listing of emulation and emulation-related websites.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 January 2001
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What is Emulation?
Websites that address the history, philosophy, and definition of emulation.
Emulation News Sites 
Websites devoted to bringing the news of the emulation scene to you.
General Emulation Sites
Websites that do not fit into any particular category, but related to emulation.
Emulation Message Boards
Web boards devoted to emulation and issues related to emulation.
Arcade Emulation
Websites devoted to emulation of classic arcade games.
IRC Channels and Sites
Websites and information on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and IRC channels catering to the emulation community.
Console Emulation
General sources for information on the emulation of console gaming systems.
Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
Various newsgroups and mailing lists of interest to the emulation community.
Computer Emulation
Websites dealing primarily with computer and operating system emulation.
Online emulation related media sites, including satire, humour.
Portable Emulation
Websites concerning the emulation of portable systems, or emulating on these platforms.
Emulation in Controversy
Anti-emulation websites, links to articles and features critical of emulation. 
Online Museums
Websites showcasing the history of gaming.
ROM Sites 
Websites that archive or are related to ROMs and/or ROM hacking.
Game Fan Sites
Websites about a particular game or game series.
Save States
Websites dealing with save states for emulators.
Emulator Homepages
Websites featuring emulators and related games.
Technical Information
Websites dealing with technical information on emulators, arcade, console and computer systems.
Just M.A.M.E
Websites that concentrate mainly on information and downloads on the mother of all arcade emulators - M.A.M.E.
Utilities and Add-Ons
Listings for support sites of utilities and add-ons for game emulators (such as front ends).
Emulation Music
Websites that archive soundtracks and synthesized music based on and/or from videogames.

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